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6 Tips to Buy Canvas Prints for Living Room

Have you set the furniture, curtains, and cushions? But still, you miss the needed vibes in the living room? The reason behind this could be the bare walls of your living room. Walls are often neglected by us but room decoration is incomplete without wall canvas print. There are many options for canvas print for living room.

The canvas print is the best way to make your living room inviting and make you feel relaxed. There are various options of canvas prints for living room online like travel maps, floral prints, animal prints, Hollywood inspired prints and quote prints, etc.

Are you confused about the canvas painting for the living room? If yes, then I am here to help you. Below the blog, I have mentioned some tips that can help you to buy the best canvas print for living room.

Lead these tips to buy canvas artwork for living room. These will help you find the needed cheerful vibes.   

Go for the Right Size Because Size Matters

Size is the most essential thing to keep in mind while you are buying canvas print. Consider the size of the ceiling. If the wall is big then you can go for the set of small prints or a big print that covers the wall. Canvas print should be approximately 15 centimetres above the furniture’s edge.

Shapes can Make the Impact 

Adding the wrong shape to the living room can really break the look. So, you can play with the shapes of canvas artwork and furniture. If you have more square-shaped furniture then you can go for circular wall décor prints. These shapes will balance the geometry of the room.  

Mix the Canvas Print Art Themes 

You can mix and match the furniture and décor themes. If you have traditional or retro furniture units then you can hang modern or contemporary wall art print. It will give the mixed vibes and highlight your décor and furniture at the same time. 

Bring Some Wall Art in Complementary Colors 

Colors play a crucial part to find the perfect canvas print for living room. Pick the one that goes with the furniture. If your furniture is dark in color then you can neutralize it with light color shades. You can opt for complementing shades that can bring fresh vibes in the room. On neutral backgrounds, you can also put neon pieces to create an impact.

Go for the Wall Print That Defines your Personality

You should not pick some random pieces of art. The look will be more striking if you pick these according to your personality. You can show your love and happiness through the canvas prints. So, before buying think about it and then search.  

Customize If Needed

If you are unable to find the artwork that can tell your story then you can customize it according to your taste and space. You can pick up the art and ask seller to alter it for your living room.

You can find a different range of canvas print for living room at Arttree. Here, you will find wall art décor prints that will help you to bring the happy and welcoming vibes. These prints will make you go gaga for your walls.

If you have other useful tips to buy canvas print according to different rooms then you can drop your suggestions. We would be pleased to publish them in our upcoming blogs.

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