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Which is the Best Carrier Oil for Health?

Guide To Choosing The Best Carrier Oil For Health And Wellness

When reading about essential oils, we often read about using them with carrier oils. There are often queries in the mind about different types of carrier oils:

  • What is a carrier oil?
  • Why do I need to mix essential oils with a carrier oil?
  • What carrier oil should I use?

Since the list is a long one, I have herein compiled every bit of information that will help you to choose the best carrier oil depending on your requirements.

What Is A Carrier Oil?

Carrier oils are unscented and made of pure plant extracts. Since the essential oils are highly concentrated ingredients, it is not possible to apply them directly to the skin or hair. This may produce an adverse effect and cause irritation. As a general practice, they are diluted in carrier oils before using.

Carrier oil acts as a medium for the essential oils to get absorbed deep into the inner layers of the skin. They are neutral and do not affect the natural properties of the essential oils. You can even mix different carrier oils for applications depending on the type of problem you want to treat.

Popular Carrier Oils

There are several popular carrier oils and the list can be a long one. However, if you are looking for the ones that can be used for various types of treatment to get the desired results, herein are some commonly used carrier oils that can be a useful addition to your vanity cabinet:

Coconut Oil

An effective moisturizer for the skin, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid having antimicrobial properties. The extra virgin organic coconut oil is an unscented oil that can be used to dilute several essential oils or even applied alone. This is a widely used carrier oil for face cleansing, body massage, and dry skin treatment.

Jojoba Oil

With anti-inflammatory properties, this carrier oil has been found effective in treating acne problems. If you want to use essential oils for oily skin, this is a hot pick. This yellowish oil absorbs very quickly into the skin without clogging the pores. Using it as a bath oil or massage gives effective results.

This nutty-scented nourishing oil keeps your hair healthy and problem-free.

Sweet Almond Oil

This is a lightweight edible oil with a strong nutty smell. Almond oil is nourishing for the skin and hair. It helps to moisturize the dry skin to bestow glowing skin, especially during winter. Using cosmetic products made with almond oil can also give you vital nutrients to keep the skin hydrated.

Note: When using it with essential oils, its aroma may interfere with the fragrance of other ingredients.

Argan Oil

This edible oil extracted from the kernel of the argan fruit is native to Morocco. It is rich in monosaturated fatty acids that nourish the dry chapped skin. It is also beneficial for treating wrinkle problems. A rich source of vitamin A and E, this oil is a boon for skincare and found in several cosmetic products. In aromatherapy, this is used as a massage oil.

Avocado Oil

This edible oil extracted from the avocado fruit is rich in oleic acid. Having a thick consistency, this oil is loaded with monosaturated fatty acids. It blends well with several essential oils and best suited for treating dry skin woes.

How to Choose the Right Carrier Oil for Skin and Hair Care?

Since most of the carrier oils are neutral, they can be used with almost all essential oils. However, there are determining factors to consider when choosing a carrier oil:

Skin Type

Some carrier oils are too oily so while others are too light and allow quick absorption. So if you are looking to dilute essential oils for eczema treatment, search carrier oils for dry skin to get the best results.


Some oils are too concentrated and dense. They may take a longer period to get absorbed into the skin, hair, and scalp.


Some carrier oils have a very strong scent and may change the scent of the essential oil it is used with. If you are looking to prepare a homemade deodorant spray or roll-on stick with essential oils, it is better to choose unscented carrier oil.


Some carrier oils have a longer shelf life than others do. If you want to prepare a dilution and store for long-term use, choose the oils with extended period shelf life.

There is no single carrier oil, which you can say it is the best one. All carrier oils are natural plant extracts with vital properties beneficial for health. All of them are different and serve various purposes. So, when you are preparing a homemade roll-on stick, it is best to use the preferred essential oil with extra virgin organic coconut oil. But when it comes to achieving radiant looking skin, I like using almond oil with orange essential oil.


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