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A Coating Guide for Cosmetic Boxes Buyers

In today’s world, where the “first impression” counts for everything, you have a few seconds as a business owner to capture the attention of your esteemed audience. With thousands, and millions of products on the shelves fighting for the top spot, it’s important to pay attention to the outer appearance of your product. This includes the packaging as well. If you run a beauty products store or own a fashion brand, you will understand the importance of professionally customized cosmetic boxes and how they drive better sales.

To ensure your business grows, you have to understand the importance of the types of coatings available for boxes, and how to choose the best one for your specific cosmetic product. Whether you wish to choose something sleek, bold, subtle, or eye-catching, here’s’ a coating guide for first-time buyers of cosmetic boxes.

Cosmetic boxes

Semi-Gloss AQ for Custom Cosmetic Boxes

If you are considering this option for custom cosmetic boxes, here’s what you should know about it. AQ is an acronym for Aqueous Coating. This is an environmentally friendly, semi-gloss, water-based coating for various packaging boxes. What makes it a great choice, is the additional protection and gloss that it gives boxes. You can have any detail printed on it with permanent inks, or even write on it with a ballpoint pen. It’s a great choice for the next cosmetic box you wish to design!

Gloss UV

Ultraviolet coating or UV coating is a shiny, very glossy coating applied to a paper surface (printed), and cured on a printing press or other special machine with the use of ultraviolet light. This coating cures and hardens upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation. For more information on this type of coating for custom cosmetic packaging, it is advisable that you seek expert guidance from packaging pros, such as IMH Packaging who can give you in-depth information.

Matte UV for Cosmetic Boxes

This a flat, satin finish that makes colors appear more vibrant, and doesn’t show any sign of fingerprints. This coating could be glossy for cosmetic boxes wholesale, reflective and has high levels of solids that allow the application of the coating in thin films. It’s an environmentally-friendly choice and always looks fantastic on a range of cosmetic products.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a great choice that will surely captivate all your customers. It draws buyer attention and draws their eye to the most compelling text or graphic. When using spot gloss, or spot varnish or UV, you are sure to have a high shine for your range of cosmetic boxes. This gloss shine is also applicable to the top of a matte lamination or varnish.

Quality Guarantee

Regardless of the coatings you choose, a reliable packaging and printing company would only offer the best durable card stock. Hence, you should ensure that you explore all your options and choose the best one that matches your packaging needs. A good packaging company should also offer other options for the custom cosmetic boxes. This includes options like a window cut out boxes, silver/gold foiling, raised ink, and embossing.

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To be sure of the packaging choice you make, you can first order a single box, and then move on to placing orders for cosmetic boxes wholesaleat discounted prices. Evaluate the cost of the boxes, the discounts available and then place bulk orders accordingly.

In marketing, the right packaging, quality, and durability play a huge role. Take your time to evaluate all the options you have available, and then make a well-informed decision. For more details about the coatings, you should consult the packaging company you choose.

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