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5 Unwanted Effects That Cannot Be Avoided With Express Weight Loss

Fast weight loss involves the use of such methods that allow you to get rid of extra pounds and acquire a more attractive appearance.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that losing weight is a fairly lengthy process if we talk about something thoughtful and really effective.

The swift effect, as a rule, is poorly fixed.

Therefore, it is important to use express weight loss methods when you want to get the result for something specific.

For example, lose weight before the holidays or lose weight for any significant event.

Along with this, not always the most beneficial consequences almost always appear.

Yo-yo effect

This effectively means a return to the previous weight. Moreover, the effect can also lead to more weight gain.

That is, the rollback is performed even for the worse compared to the starting point.

We will not consider the details of the physiological processes that are associated with this; we will dwell on the fact itself, which has been practically and repeatedly confirmed.

The bottom line is that normal and consistent weight loss eliminates the possibilities of the yo-yo effect.

While express options always lead to a return, it is difficult to maintain a strict and limited diet. Other mechanisms that contribute to yo-yo also work.

Psychological stress

Almost always after rapid weight loss, not only physical but also mental exhaustion is observed.

Serious self-restraint, especially without significant experience, will not be the most pleasant factor.

Of course, motivation can help here, allowing you to use some goal as a way to saturate your activities with meaning, but stress will still be present.

Body depletion

One way or another, the body will be exhausted. There may be different options for this:

  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • dehydration of the body;
  • lack of protein, fat or carbohydrates.

One way or another, express weight loss is too radical a method in order not to lead to exhaustion.

Therefore, in the future, the body will need to be restored to one degree or another.

Of course, vitamin complexes and the like can help here, but only partially.

Cosmetic defects

Also, cosmetic defects, which are caused by a strict diet, for example, depletion of the skin and deterioration of the appearance of the skin, can be a common effect.

In some, such ABC diet cause a rash and something similar due to a surge in toxins in the body.


This effect will occur if you often use express weight loss.

It is not strange, but this is exactly what happens and here again, physiological mechanisms work.

The fact is that losing weight with a rollback to the same weight (as often happens) will continue to increase this range and more and more lead to weight gain.

Therefore, quick methods of losing weight should be used in the dosage or just choose more rational options.

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