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How to Use Your Credit Card Online: 5 Safe Ways

Credit cards are a powerful financial tool; however, they are susceptible to cybercrimes and risks like theft. For instance, hackers can steal or memorize your credit card information and misuse it by transacting in your name, committing fraud, and identity theft. Though some credit cards have several layers of security like 2-factor authentication and zero fraud liability cover, it is important to exercise caution when using one.

Here are 5 ways in which you can ensure the safety of your credit card when using it online.

Change your PIN on a regular basis

A Personal Identification Number, commonly known as a PIN, adds to the security of your credit card transactions. Hence it is extremely important to keep it a secret. Also, change your PIN regularly, preferably every 6 months, to reduce the chances of misuse. Finally, refrain from disclosing your PIN and OTP to anyone.

Use it on trusted and secure websites only

Using a credit card to shop online is beneficial, and you can eliminate any risk by shopping from trusted websites only. Refrain from clicking on links mentioned in suspicious and unsolicited emails. These may redirect you to illegitimate websites that steal credit card information and misuse the same. So, make it point to use your credit card on trusted and secure websites. A website is secure if its URL begins with “https://” and if the address bar has a lock icon. You can further click on this icon to view the security certificate.

Transact only on a private network

Avoid using public computers to make credit card transactions. These are unsecured as they may have keylogger software that captures your keystrokes, and therefore access login details and credit card information. Using your personal system on a public network doesn’t eliminate the risk either, because hackers can access the Wi-Fi signal and capture your credit card information while it is being transmitted. So, use your personal device on a private network to make secure credit card payments and keep your information and finances safe.

Install and update antivirus software

A simple measure is to secure your computer and other devices by installing robust antivirus software. Malware and hackers have the power to not only lock down your system but also steal information stored on it. Having the latest version of quality antivirus software is an excellent way to prevent this.

Collect credit card transaction receipts

Always check your credit card statement to ensure it doesn’t feature transactions you haven’t carried out. In order to do this, every time you make a purchase using your credit card, collect and store the payment receipt. This way you can compare the same with your credit card statement and alert authorities of any discrepancies.

To enjoy additional security, apply for one of the best credit cards in India, the versatile and feature-packed Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. The in-hand security function lets you monitor your credit card usage and transactions via the RBL MyCard app. Through it, you can be alert and report fraudulent transactions right away.

In addition, this card also offers interest-free ATM withdrawals for up to 50 days and a 90-day, interest-free emergency loan. You can also enjoy welcome reward points up to 20,000, save up to Rs.55,000 annually, and convert your purchases above Rs.3,000 into easy EMIs. Check your pre-approved credit card offer to view your customized deal and enjoy instant approval. All you have to do is submit basic details like your name and contact number to get started!

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