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Tips to Improve Customers Engagement on Social Media

Looking for how to forster customers engagement through social media? Here’re some social media engagement posts ideas to archive your goals organically.

Getting real time followers on social media  is not an easy task. You must continue to post new content, in order to hold people’s attention and be timely and relevant. Instead of just posting often, you need to find ways to keep your current audience fascinated and at the same time attract new users.

The most successful accounts manage to ride on trending topics, events in the news and important policy discussions, said a recent piece by the entrepreneur.

They acknowledge that it is a lot easier to join yourself in a massive conversation that is already going on than to start a new conversation.

Instead of trying to collect a follower with all original content, you can also share content from other pages – try to be a curator rather than a creator. It is important to know what your audience is interested in; study competitors in your space to see what’s popular. If your account is visually appealing and stands out among the rest, people are likely to notice and follow it.

Optimize visuals and alternate between placing text, images and videos. If you see a page or account with a very high level of involvement, it’s because they know how to create content that resonates. So if you post messages with the intention of being extremely relevant to something that is already happening in the world, you will appeal to that traffic.

Starting a dialogue is also a great way to connect. You can invoke people in your stories and find ways to thank or reward your most involved followers by mentioning specific handles or hashtags.

Have a personality and develop a brand voice that people want to communicate with. Also pay attention to timing, which depends on the preferences of your target group.

Try posting at different times of the day and follow your involvement, says entrepreneur.

When you start seeing patterns, use them to inform your message times.

Customers engagement

Ways to Improve Customers Engagement on Social Media

Here are 8 charming ways to increase social media engagement organically:

  1. Always post on your timeline.
  2. Stay relevant by being on time.
  3. Be brave.
  4. Get to know your audience.
  5. Run campaigns and promotions.
  6. Have a personality.
  7. Post when your audience is watching.
  8. Make your messages (and your page) visually appealing.

Now, by following these 8 simple ways you can improve customers engagement on your social media timeline in no time.

Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. He has expertise in writing about lifestyle, food & many more.


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