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Indian Bloggers That Have Reached A Higher Level In The Field Of Blogging

Since there are so many WordPress bloggers that have reached so high and gained a good level in field of blogging, but here in this article I will discuss about a few. Ergo, through this article we will share the list of top best bloggers whose blog can be referred by you if you want to gain knowledge or make your own tech blog. Have a look to know about in details:

  1. Amit Agarwal-

Amit Agarwal is one of the topmost Indian blogger, who shares all his gained information with the people who are interested in learning new things. He has also inspired so many people as well as bloggers through his work. He was an engineer by education by a blogger by profession. Therefore, the blogs of his covers information related to digital media and some beginners information about technology. So, all those people who are interested in learning about technology can refer to his tech blogs India.

  1. Harsh Agarwal-

Harsh Agarwal is again one of the best Indian tech bloggers. The name of his top tech blogs in India is Shout Me Loud and he started this in 2008. He is the one who shares all the important and necessary information collected by him for the people. Some of the topics that are covered by him in his blogs are related to blogging, making money online, WordPress, managing blogs etc. Ergo, his blog is very much perfect for the people who want to start up their own blog. Go and refer to his blog to know more in details.

  1. Srinivas Tamada-

Srinivas Tamada is again one of the best bloggers and the name of his technology blogs India is 9lessons. Srinivas Tamada is considered to be one of the best programming bloggers and writes about so many different things related to programming. Some of the topics that Srinivas Tamada cover in his blogs are PHP, Ajax and other web designing aspects. All the people who are interested in learning about programming can be referred to this blog.

If someone is thinking to make their own best tech blogs in India, then they can refer to Future with Tech. Future with Tech is a blog that can be easily understood by the people because of its simple and easy language. Therefore, one of the best thing about this blog is that it helps people to know about different types of tech tips, tricks and many more. Hence, this blog also gives you information about things related to blogging, tips of blogging, tech blogging, etc. Go and refer to this page if you want to make one.

  1. Ashish Sinha-

Ashish Sinha is again a blogger that people can refer to for making their own blogs or for gaining information. Firstly, Ashish Sinha worked for big brands like Yahoo, IBM and many more but is now having his own blog which is rated to be the best. In his blogs, he provides information about technology, start-ups, entrepreneurship and many other. Go and refer if you want to learn something.

  1. Arun Prabhudesai-

Arun Prabhudesai is again considered to be the best Indian blogger who promotes information to people about Technology, Telecom, Internet, Mobile etc. He is there in this field since 2007, so if you are interested in learning about tech then you should refer to this blog.

Hence, these above mentioned are the five blogs that people can refer to for boosting their knowledge or for making their blogs about tech. If you know about some other tech bloggers, then let us know in the comment section below.


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