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Karan Oberoi pictures, Mini Biography, Age, Body stats,Wiki, Height, Modelling career and more.

Karan “KO” Oberoi mini Biography

The world of fashion and fitness in our country has been a constantly evolving landscape. Trendsetters, showstoppers, and fashionistas in India have evolved with times and have kept the fashion industry alive and in demand. You never know what can come in or go out in the world of fashion and fitness modelling. Fashion trends change like seasons, so as fitness. In this fast-paced, multi-faceted and highly competitive industry, only a very few survive and even fewer thrive. One such name is Karan Oberoi also known by his name initials KO, a New Delhi-born model who has already turned heads and made it big in the Indian modelling industry. When talking about the changing face of modelling in India, Karan adds, “There was a time when beefed-up models were in demand, now they want someone who is lean yet muscular.” Karan Oberoi model understands and follows the dynamics of the fashion industry in India and takes appropriate measures which help him advance further. For instance, Karan follows a very strict diet including foods which contain high protein such as lean meat and less yet good carbohydrates such as quinoa and brown rice. He firmly believes in having smaller and lighter meals every few hours to support his exercise regime. He spends up to 60 minutes in the gym and on cardiovascular exercises such as running and sprinting every other day.Karan Oberoi KO is driven by hard work and dedication towards his passion and is extremely ambitious towards modelling and also acting.

Karan Oberoi model was born in 1987 into a highly educated upper-middle-class Sikh family. His mother is a senior professor of Hindi language in the prestigious Delhi University. The inclination towards education was instilled in him by his parents at a very young age. Karan completed his post-graduate diploma in Mass Media along with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. A successful and equally enjoyable modelling assignment made Karan quit his full-time job and dedicate his time and efforts towards modelling. In a short span of time, he has achieved noteworthy success in the modelling world.

Karan has been the face of FBB for two consecutive years, a fact backed by the presence of his face across all their stores in India. He has also represented one of the biggest brands in India — Royal Enfield Motorcycles. Some of the other brands you will see Karan being associated with are Lamborghini, Reebok, Jack & Jones, Peter England, Timex watches and many more.

As a contemporary model, Karan Oberoi model has mastered the art of engaging with his fans. He is known to keep his followers engaged with new content in his journey of fitness and fashion modelling. Going beyond the world of fitness and fashion modelling, Karan is also aspiring to become an actor and is gearing up for it.

India’s top male Model Karan Oberoi (KO) Body Bio:

Weight: 83 kg (167 lbs)

Model Karan Oberoi KO: Height: 6’0″

Chest: 44 inches

Biceps: 16 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Karan Oberoi KO age : 32

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