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Myths And Facts About Coloured Contact Lenses Explained

Coloured contact lenses are becoming more popular every day. You will find more people using the special coloured lenses for different purposes every day. They are not used for beautifying yourself, but there are certain crazy lenses like the blackout contact lenses that are used extensively for Halloween and festivals like that.
But as the popularity of these lenses is increasing so are the unwanted rumors about coloured contact lenses.

That is no joke, as there are a lot of people who are afraid of using coloured contact lenses because they have been brainwashed by some silly rumors. Rather than finding it out for themselves, many individuals have resorted to believing anything that they are told. Not a very smart tactic, if you ask me.

Natural coloured lenses are called medical devices as you are going to wear them on your eyes and there are certain safety guidelines that you need to follow to use them. But those guidelines are there that makes them safe to wear. So, rather than believing in rumors it is better to do your own research. Still, we will try to remove these rumors and replace them with important facts.

natural coloured contact lenses


Well for a fact, coloured contact lenses or any other contact lenses can never get behind your eyes. It is not medically possible, only if you had done your research properly. Your eyes are protected by a membrane that will never allow your lenses to go behind the eye. Yes they may get displaced from their rightful place but they cannot slip behind the eye.


Are you aware that doctors are providing prescriptions to people to wear coloured contact lenses to correct their visions?
You see coloured contact lenses are just like any other cheap contacts. They just have a colour tint on them that mimics the iris and enhances the colour of your eyes. That tint is completely harmless. Also, these lenses have a free middle zone so that your vision is completely clear and you can actually use them to correct your vision.

Compared to glasses, coloured lenses will provide you a wider range of vision and more beautiful eyes. So, you are getting the best of both things in one shot. This should clear your doubts about coloured contact lenses damaging vision, if that was the case, doctors would never prescribe them.


Well they are more expensive than they normal contact lenses, but if you think the difference is high and mighty, then you are sadly mistaken. There was a time when coloured lenses were not easily available and they weren’t much affordable either. But that was years ago, now with new technology we have new and improved products. You can easily avail coloured contact lenses of your liking from anywhere.

There are many different types of coloured contact lenses available with different price tags. You can choose between the daily disposable, weekly disposable and monthly disposable depending on your requirement and budget. Believe me, they are not expensive enough to scare you away, not in the slightest.


If you have never used them, you would never know. And to be honest it is not that much of a hassle. All you have to do is place them on your palm and clean them with the disinfectant solution by rubbing it with your finger. You only need to do that after you have used them and then place them in the case.

But if that is not easy for you, then you can get yourself a pair or two of daily disposable coloured lenses. These lenses will be unusable after the first time and so the next time you need a new fresh pair. This will make your job a whole lot easier as you do not need to clean or maintain them anymore.


That was an occurring problem back in the day. But now this never happens, as the contact lenses are designed much more flexible and soft that stay on the eye as long as you want. Even during strenuous exercise they will not fall off.


That only happens if you buy low quality coloured contact lenses. You see low quality lenses will never provide the beautiful effect of high quality lenses and to make matters worse they will damage your eye health. So of course they will look unnatural. Make sure you get the best products and when you do, you will certainly see a huge difference.

Lastly, you need to choose the right style and colour of the lenses that would suit your eye colour and skin tone. You need to choose the colour and pattern of coloured lenses that would blend in with your natural eye colour. Not only that, you have to take into consideration your skin tone and hair colour before you choose the colour of the lens. You just can’t go ahead and buy anything you feel like. Take your time.

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