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Parts of RO Water Purifier and Their Working

RO water purifier has become a necessity of every household and the prime reason behind that is a scarcity of freshwater resources. In the coming years, we will find a water purifier system each and every house because, without that, they won’t be able to get potable water for drinking and cooking.

Now, when we are talking about the RO water purifier, it becomes important for us to know which parts combine to make this system that can remove all kinds of impurities from feed water. After reading this post you will come to know the key parts of an RO system along with their working.

Parts of RO water purifiers

Inlet valve

This valve is connected to the main water supply and is positioned to let water into the RO system for filtering. If you ever experience any kind of leakage from this valve, first check it on your own, and still, the problem persists or you are unable to find the cause, immediately ask for RO service.

Backflow prevention valve

As the name suggests, this additional valve is to ensure safe & one-way working of the system. The reason for the presence of this valve is to prevent the backflow of water from the pressurized system. We know that RO is a system having good water pressure, so if this valve is not present then the backflow of water can break the inlet valve.


It is the first filter through which feed water passes, and the main function of this filter is to eliminate large contaminants like sand & grit and prevent them from reaching membrane filters. With every RO service, it is important to check pre-filter thoroughly.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane

This is one of the main components of water purifiers for which they are famous. After pre-filter, water passes through the RO membrane where dissolved impurities like chemicals, pollutants, and minerals are removed. The type of RO membrane present in your water purifier will depend upon the brand and model.

It is advised to change this membrane during RO service after regular intervals as suggested by the service provider.


The drain line is provided to remove the wastewater containing impurities once they are filtered out by the pre-filter and RO membrane. It is an open line through which water flows directly.

Flow restrictor

The flow restrictor is required to prevent wastage of excess water due to high pressure in the system. Plus, it also ensures that water pressure is maintained at an optimum level, as excess pressure can affect the quality of water and while low pressure will create problems to collect water from the faucet.

Thus, if you want to ensure the smooth running of your RO water purifier, ensure that the flow restrictor is working fine during RO service.

Carbon filter

This activated carbon filter is installed to remove unpleasant odor and color if there, from filtered water. This filter works on the adsorption principle.

Storage tank

As the filtered water takes some time to come out, this storage tank ensures enough water for you whenever required. Once the storage tank is filled, the filtration process automatically stops. The volume of the water storage tanks can hold depends upon the model and type of water purifier you have.

Remember; do ensure that the storage tank is cleaned as well during RO service.

TDS controller

During filtration, some important minerals that should be in the water are also filtered out. Thus, this TDS controller makes sure that the water you get in the end has enough minerals to make the water healthy.


By pulling the handle of the faucet, you will receive fresh water for drinking and cooking purposes. Once you use the faucet to fill your glass of water, the entire RO system will activate again to fill the empty portion of the storage tank.

These are the basic parts of a reverse osmosis water purifier system. While using RO, keep this thing in mind that on-time RO service is a must to keep it healthy and ensure long service life.

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