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Reasons Why a Cooler Is Better Than Air Conditioner

When the summer arrives with the unbearable heat, the only thought that wanders your mind is whether you should buy an air conditioner or an air cooler. Both cooling systems are effective and help you to keep your rooms cool during the intense summer months. It is also true that the features of both an air conditioner and air cooler differ from one another.

Air coolers are budget-friendly options for your home. They are even available on rent at a nominal amount. You can easily get a cooler on rent in Noida or a washing machine on rent when you are staying in a rented apartment. Air coolers are portable as they have wheels attached to the basement. Therefore, shifting them becomes easier than air conditioners. In today’s article, we would tell you more about why air coolers can be a better option than air conditioners.

Reasons why air coolers are better than air conditioners

AIr Cooler

Air quality – Air conditioners circulate the internal air of your room repeatedly. On the contrary, air coolers pull in fresh air from the atmosphere and then cool it down. That is why you can breathe fresh air even when your air cooler is on. The air cooler doesn’t over-dry the air like the air conditioner and offers air quality for you. People who suffer from dust allergy and asthma can use an air cooler to breathe clean air

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Environment friendly – Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are environment-friendly cooling solutions available in today’s time. Air conditioners use hydro-chlorofluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbon as a refrigerant. These elements are acutely harmful to our environment. When going green is something that we aim at, air coolers are an eco-friendly machine that uses water as their refrigerant. Therefore, buying an air cooler would even help the environment around you.

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Easy to install and maintain – Air coolers require no installation. All types of air conditioners require a proper arrangement for installation. An air cooler simply needs to be moved and placed in your home. You do not require any professional help for installing an air coolers. Maintenance of an air cooler is easy and can be done at home. Whereas air conditioners require servicing every year that incurs a cost. The skilled technicians are the only people to help you with the servicing part.

Therefore, you can see that buying an air cooler would always be a great decision in every way. They are generally more efficient in cooling the indoor air than any other air cooling system.

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