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Sports Tourists: Destinations That Most Sports Lovers Would Want To Explore

We all come across travel blogs for people who want to explore the world. Some people prefer adventure trips where they can bungee jump and skydive to their heart’s content. Others go for nature tourism, visiting remote and scenic locations all over the globe. Still, others visit new places to get a feel of the local culture, ambiance, and food. Yet, there is one more class of tourism called sports tourism.

Destinations for Sports Tourists

What are sports tourists? For the most part, they are people like me. I spend every weekend watching one sport or another on my WoW! cable deals. I was an athlete in high school and college, but my love for sports stems from watching the Jets games with my parents. As I grew older, I wanted to travel everywhere the Jets played. And I did, being a faithful fan to this day. Sports tourists are people who follow the sports and teams of their choice across the globe. If you are one of them, here are a few places you should visit:

  1. Barcelona, Spain for Soccer Fans

  2. Lexington, Kentucky for Horseracing

  3. Milos, Greece for Kayaking

  4. Chamonix, France for Skiing

We’ve tried to get together a diverse mix for different sports lovers. Let’s find out more about these locations below.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is home to Barcelona F.C., a team known to every soccer fan, and even to non-fans of the game. Barcelona F.C. has its home ground at Camp Nou, a place with many magical memories for both the team as well as fans. The mammoth soccer stadium can seat just under 100,000 fans and is usually always sold out for a home game.

Barcelona F.C., popularly known among fans as Barca, is a fierce rival of the Italian Serie A giants A.C. Milan. Both clubs have had an intense rivalry for decades. With players like Lionel Messi, Andrez Iniesta, Carlos Puyol, and Xavi, Barcelona F.C. fans are always in for a treat with every game these great athletes play in. Rekindle your love for soccer and go visit sunny Barcelona in Spain.

Lexington, Kentucky

Horseracing has captivated humans since time immemorial. The search for the fastest steed is hardwired into our brains. That is why the faster a sports car is, the more attention it gets. Before the automobile, however, horses were the primary means of transport, and good stock fetched a good price. These days, horseracing is primarily limited to the racecourse, but there is still a chill every time the horses take off from the start and race to the finish.

Lexington, Kentucky is home to some of the finest international standard racecourses like Keeneland and Darley. It is also home to some of the finest thoroughbred racing horse farms in the world. Lexington, among horse lovers, has another name: the Horse Capital. Visit Lexington for a day or days at the races. If you’re feeling adventurous, know a bit about horses, and have a bit of luck, you could even bet on a race winner.

Milos, Greece

Kayaking or canoeing comes from Native American culture. Used originally for fishing and travel, and sometimes for raids, canoeing evolved over the years to become an extreme adventure sport. It has become so popular, that you can find it far away from American waters, in places as far away as Greece.

Skopelos, Greece is a tiny island in the Cyclades, locally known as one of the best places in Greece to go sea kayaking. The pristine blue waters of the sea make for a breathtaking backdrop to do some paddling and exploring. The sea is warm water, which means even the winter season is not too cold to go kayaking. Explore the marine fauna and flora that live in the shallows and reefs surrounding Milos. Rest on a convenient beachside while you take a break from paddling around the island.

Chamonix, France

If you know how to ski, you will agree there is nothing quite like whizzing over a fresh patch of snow, powder flying behind you as you speed down the slope. Skiing is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. Countries from all over the world participate in international skiing competitions held at scenic, high-altitude spots like in the slopes of the Swiss Alps or even Malum Juba in the Himalayas.

Chamonix, France is perhaps the best freeride resort in the world. It has 5 luxury ski resorts that cater to a tourist invasion every season. Skiing in Chamonix is the perfect winter adventure holiday you could imagine. The resorts are so well equipped, I did not even notice the absence of cox cable deals while visiting there last year. I was too busy tackling the slopes and taking pictures. There is no better spot for a skiing enthusiast to visit this year.

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