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Tips to Paint Doors and Windows of a House

It is the precise finishing touch that Tips to Paint Doors and Windows of a House. As opposed to painting the walls of the house, it might seem easy at first. Considering all the essential details that it requires you to know to avoid common mistakes, it is a bit of a delicate task to pull-off. Tips to Paint Doors and Windows of a House

The article provides you with all the essential tips that you need to aware of before painting a door or a window

Tips to Paint Doors and Windows of a House

Clean the Dirt Using Sand Paper

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Before you even brush the first strokes on the surface of the door or the window, you must thoroughly clean the surface. The fact it might be different housing insects, termites, spiders, and dirt, the primer won’t be useful on its surface.

It can quickly come-off nullifying all the hard work done. Use sandpaper to clean the surface to get rid of all the accumulation and dirt.

Scrub off the Old Paint

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while painting their doors is they don’t scrub off the old paint citing the same color of the paint as a reason. It would only take a few seasons before the old paint comes off due to the effect of different weather conditions. Therefore, the layer of old paint cannot be trusted with as it can lose its integrity.

Fill all the Holes and Dents

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The dents and holes can easily compromise the rigidness of the door of the window, which may grow even more significant over time. After you are done scrubbing the old paint, you must close all the holes and dents using fillers and caulks. Even if you see a small gap of the size of 1/8 inch deep, you must close it using a spackling compound.

Use Primer Before Painting

If the old paint of the door is in perfect condition, you may directly paint the surface of the door or window. Otherwise, you must use a layer of primer before applying the paint on it. A coat of primer helps to cover any stains and serves as an active adhesive layer for the paint to stick on it.   

Look for the Flaws after Priming

Even when you have done everything right, there might be some flaws that you’ll still be able to find after a layer of primer. These flaws have the potential to ruin the paint job done afterward. Use caulk cakes to fill any gaps between the joining planks of the windows and the doors.

Use Mini Rollers for Smoother Finish

It would be best if you used different types of brushes, whether you are painting a door or a window. For instance, you won’t be able to use a standard brush or nap roller if you are looking for smooth finishes. A high-density foam roller is an excellent option for an evenly distributed paint and a smooth finish.

It works effectively to eliminate the lap marks and lets you paint the corners without leaving any ridges.  

Avoid the Sticking of Freshly Painted Doors and Windows

It is hard to correctly guess the time it takes for the paint to dry-up. It is understood that you want to close the door as soon as the paint job is finished for security reasons.  And even when you think that the latex paint is all dry to shut the door, it can easily stick to your doorstep. The paint may peel off when you open the door.

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To be on the safe side, you must wait at least two days before closing the door or the windows. You can also use painter’s tape so that the paint doesn’t stick to the door. It usually takes longer for the paint to dry-up in humid conditions.      

Ensure Proper Masking

Just like any paint job, you need to make sure that all the other hardware parts of the doors and windows, such as doorknobs and handles, are entirely wrapped-up. If you fail to do so, you might find yourself cleaning it anyways, which would be a frustrating experience.  You can always take the help of painting contractors Brisbane Southside for the best results. 

Make Sure that You have Enough Paint

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Whether you are painting the doors or the windows, you must ensure that you have enough stack of paint in the first place. The fact that painting requires continuity, you don’t want to see different shades of the paint when you are done painting. It can happen if you run out of paint, and you continue the process after a few hours later. And it applies to both the doors and the windows.

Always get a few extra cans of paint supplies to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Remove any Curtains and Other Hardware before Painting Windows

As opposed to folding or bundling, the curtains together could risk them to the exposure of the accidental brushing of the paint. It is annoying, and even the thorough washing of curtains might not do justice to get rid of the stains.


There are so many things that influence the effectiveness of the paint job. It all depends on the type of wood or other material that the doors and windows are made up of!



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