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Top Secrets For Achieving Massive Growth In Vaping Business

Over the past decade, there has been a massive growth in the vaping industry and the demand for it is not going to die any time soon. Going by the current statistics, both the vape and e-cigarette market is predicted to be around $67.31 billion.

At the same time, if you are among someone who is selling e-liquid or e-cigarettes online, do expect the competition to be mercilessly cruel. This is because more and more players are promoting their brands with a user-friendly approach without compromising a bit on the build quality.

So how can you ace in vape marketing amidst this toughest of rivalry from peer competitors? It turns out that there are several smart strategies that you can adopt for extensively promoting your vape shop online.

In this article, we are going to discuss exactly those strategies which are considered invaluable in bringing you business and glory. So let us see those tips one by one,

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone you see today has a smartphone where they use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. Indeed it plays a huge role in boosting any business owner’s marketing strategy.

A study has also revealed that 69% of customers are more likely to visit a local shop having a social media presence. This explains how people are relying a lot on information available online. Twitter is another online platform that offers a brilliant facility to engage with the customers actively. One can make people come back to their store again if they can ensure their voices are heard.

Communicate With Audience

Active communication with customers is proving to be vital in every business nowadays. This is because you can know the personal preferences of your clients effectively if you have set up a strong communication system. Services like instant messaging and chatbots exist solely for this reason. Instant and honest communication with your audience paves the way to better transparency, which almost all clients cherish.

As mentioned above, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a significant hand in winning the trust of customers as you can effectively engage through these media.


Sharing engaging content through blogs and articles attract a huge number of customers online. When we talk about vaping, thousands of folks are interested in its accessories like mods, coils, and vape juices. Apart from getting good traffic, blogs also help in strengthening your relationship with the customers. Say, for example, sharing success stories of ex-smokers and giving them information about better alternatives go a long way in gaining the trust of your clients.

Start providing creative content through blogs, and you will soon see your vaping business skyrocketing.

Share Genuine Information On Smoking

Most people who are spending some serious time in an online vape shop are the ones who want to quit smoking. Educating them about the harmful effects of smoking can help them to quit fast and look for alternatives like vaping. Indeed the e-cigarettes are a safer option than the traditional tobacco cigarettes out there. Hence, you can try sharing the advantages of switching over to e-cigarettes for making them well aware of its positives.

Just stay close to your target group and you will soon witness a boost in your vaping business as well.

Review Sites

Nowadays, customers like to do a lot of research before buying products online. They want to be really assured about the quality of the product they intend to spend money on.

This is where online review plays a crucial role in boosting your business prospects. Apart from building trust with the customers, the review sites also make you more visible online. Also, providing a facility for feedback on products creates that ‘social proof’ which encourages other visitors to buy more.

Give Special Offers

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Your customers will love it if you can provide them additional freebies to the products they are buying from your online store. You can also consider giving special discounts and offers every now and then to keep your clients close to you.

Organizing a contest where your customers can participate with each other to win prizes is also a brilliant idea. These things not only create excitement among the fans, but it also leads to further expansion of business and overall customer satisfaction.


The vaping industry is definitely going to see massive growth in the coming years. If you are a player in this league, you got to play smart, apart from the grind you are putting. These above strategies can surely help you to develop an edge over your fellow competitors. Be adept with the latest development happening in vaping and share it with your online customers. If you can do this much, your success is inevitable.

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